STATUS: Wednesday, August 3rd

The Daily Report

It turns out the new work/life balance is work/work balance, when you’re working multiple jobs. Right now the way I’m approaching it is I have three of them. I am the head editor of Ligature Works, I am new media author/personality Alexandra Erin, and I am the author of Tales of MU. Of the three, the middle one pays the most, followed by the last one, and then the third one is currently a net drain; it’s less a job I’m doing for money than a service I’m providing to the world. It’s an avocation, for now.

One of the things about time management is that just about any job can expand to fill the available hours, and as I’ve started working in earnest on Ligature Works’s editorialia (that’s a word; an editor said so) these past few days, I’ve discovered that’s a real risk. I think I’m going to start confining it to a day or two a week.

Financial Status

Doing okay? Some improvements to both cash flow and some improvements to how we approach budgeting made possible by the improvements to my cash flow are doing a lot to alleviate the tensions around money in our household.

The one thing I’m not sure about right now is our budget for WorldCon. I keep counting how many meals the two of us are going to need and looking at how much money is set aside from the fundraiser for that. Hopefully there will be some budget options in the area round the hotel and convention center. We met the bare minimum GoFundMe goal and a little bit past that, but if anyone wants to pitch in a little more to buy us dinner, it wouldn’t go amiss.

The State of the Me

I had one of those nights last night where I just couldn’t get to sleep. Combination of stomach upset and nerves (I think from the terrible dream I had the night before). I was still awake at a bit after three when I threw in the towel and decided to get up for a bit. I laid back down a bit after 4 and didn’t fall asleep until what I would guess is close to 5. I slept for 3-4 hours solidly after that, then another hour or so after briefly waking. I’m feeling fine now, but I have a feeling there’s going to be a major crash in the afternoon.

Plans For Today

Fiction, fiction, fiction. I spent most of last month stymied on my queer lady fantasy romance serial Making Out Like Bandits (a Patreon exclusive, though you can read the first bits for free), so I’m eager to progress that. I’m also trying out ideas for August’s short fiction entry.