End of week note.

I wrenched my dominant arm something fierce today. Forearm is all twingy, hand is sore, and my shoulder (my bad one, which has the poor judgment to be attached to my best arm) is a little worse for wear. It’s painful and difficult to type, which makes me feel like I shouldn’t be doing it. My ability to write one-handed on a touch-screen is pretty good, but only with my right hand. Go figure.

I’ve been alternating between trying to take it easy and soothe my hurts, and cautiously working. At this point I think I’m just exacerbating it. I have posted on Patreon an update to my members-only serial story Making Out Like Bandits, written earlier in the week but never posted. Non-patrons can read the beginning for free. If you pledge, you gain immediate access to the rest of the story.

Despite being a very up and down week physically and not exactly hitting all of my career goals, it’s been surprisingly successful in most respects. I have not posted much, but I did top at over 9000 words of usable fiction.