STATUS: Wednesday, June 15th

The Daily Report

So, just when I was thinking I wasn’t having a very good day yesterday, I sat down at 4:30 and wrote a 2,400 word chapter in two hours. I also got the Tales of MU email update list running again. The new watch is definitely helping me with my routine. I have it set with timers for the start and end of my workday, lunchtime, and writing time, and I have timer presets on it for my writing sprints.

I do most of my writing on a timer, though the web-based app I got in the habit of using it was actually an alarm clock that supported multiple alarms. I used it because this let me line up a whole afternoon’s worth of sprints and rests in advance, and then just let it run. But I wound up internalizing a lot of non-helpful rituals  (like compulsively starting my writing intervals exactly on a round number minute, and delaying to the next multiple of ten if I missed it) that made my off days worse even while they ostensibly supported the habits that made most days work. It’s probably a good thing that the page basically broke (at least with regards to my current browser version), but I didn’t have a good solution.

My phone is always handy, but not in my hand. The watch is right there. I can start or pause a timer at the push of a button, without having to pull anything out or flip tabs. I can start at any time. If I have to interrupt a sprint in the middle, I can pause it and walk away, then come back and resume it. I know, I know. In theory these are things that I could have done at any time, never mind what a timer says. But writing is creative work, and there’s a huge

The State of the Me

I didn’t get much sleep last night, which is contributing to a slow start today.

Plans For Today

Honestly? Going to take a nap in a bit and then take stock again in the afternoon.