STATUS: Monday, June 13th

The Daily Report

Well, I did it. Turned 36. Hit my perfect square year. I felt a little surreal over the weekend, because after spending a few weeks firing on all approximately seventeen cylinders, I hit the date I’d chosen as the arbitrary starting poitn for a year of total all-encompassing excellence and then it was the weekend and I had stuff to do (in both the “need” and “want” columns) that wasn’t related to my professional goals. I’m guessing this won’t be the last weekend I encounter before my 37th birthday, though, so it’s probably a good thing that I just rolled with it, huh?

Exciting news over the weekend: website FemHype picked up and boosted my writing challenge. It was interesting to see that they drew a connection between my mention of video games and the goal of the challenge being tech-oriented. I’m not disagreeing; I honestly hadn’t thought of the challenge as being related to any particular media. It’s about changing the narratives we see in any medium or storytelling form. I’m told one of the entrants so far submitted an interactive story (Twine-based, I believe), though.

Financial Outlook

Patreon will have me in a good position in July, but it’s going to be a lean few weeks until the end of the month. If anyone has especially enjoyed my work and/or my performance on Twitter and wants to kick something extra into the can, I’d appreciate it. That’s money I can spend immediately on things like groceries, pet food, and cat litter.

We are almost halfway through the month and no one has signed up for my Patreon at the level that gives access to a writing seminar ($25). If we hit the halfway point and that’s still true, I’ll be handling sign-up for this month’s lesson a little differently. I feel like this is the kind of thing that a lot of people would get a lot of value out of, but maybe they have to see it first.

Something also kicked over in my brain this weekend and I started thinking of WorldCon as being in “less than three months” instead of “more than two months away”. My WorldCon fundraiser has gone great, but it needs to keep going. Right now I can go to the con but I can’t afford to stay at the con. Awkward. If we don’t get it the rest of the way, then a lot of money might wind up wasted.

The State of the Me

Doing good! Little tired today. Might be the heat.

Plans For Today

Day one of the week. I’m planning on doing some writing today, not over-exerting because of aforementioned tired. There’s a good chance I’ll wind up going out to do some errands in the afternoon. I’m going to be calling my phone manufacturer about the I Can’t Believe It’s Not A Recall in a bit. Whether I participate now or next month is going to depend a lot on how likely it seems that I’ll get my phone back before my July travel.