STATUS: Friday, May 20th

The State of the Me

As if to remind me that I’m not invincible, I had the worst insomnia episode of 2016 last night. As in, total insomnia. Did not sleep a wink until after the sun came up and I was able to pass out from sheer exhaustion. Hence there’s been something of a slow start to today.

Plans For Today

No long introspection today. Just a plan of action. I am going to be changing up a few things on my personal Patreon ( and on my newly established Tales of MU Patreon ( Right now, you might notice that my personal one has a banner referencing Tales of MU. That should give you some idea what kind of changes I’m talking about.

I’ll be making another blog post directly after this one about another crowdfunding development, and I had a tweet stream that I will either collect into a storify or assemble into a blog post, as part of a new effort to make sure that my utterances do not simply vanish into the void. You know Dr. Doom has recording devices in his armor that records everything he says for posterity? The Marvel 1602 version kidnapped William Shakespeare for the same reason. I really need to do one or the other of those things, one of these days.