Send Me To WorldCon

Last night while I was wide awake (or rather, very early this morning), I decided to set up a GoFundMe page for getting to WorldCon.

For every $150 I get, up to the goal of $1,800, I will write a satirical piece along the lines of Sad Puppies Review Books. In fact, most if not all such pieces will be new SPRB. I’m just leaving it open-ended in case I have a really compelling idea for something better, or I run out of workable ideas for book reviews. As always, I will not just churn out something that retreads the same jokes with slightly different source material to get easy applause for preaching to the choir. I am a craftswoman, no matter how low-hanging the fruit I pick may be.

Now, even if this falls flat, I do have some new potential and actual revenue streams that might let us swing it by the hair on the skin of our teeth by the time August rolls around, but that’s a big “might” and I’m not sure it’s worth it, spending the time and money and energy from now until then making it happen, as opposed to focusing on growing my audience and business in ways that will benefit me long past then.

So, as the those dedicated free speech enthusiasts would put it, I’ve decided to let the market decide. Want to see me at WorldCon? Want to read about my adventures at WorldCon? Want to live in a world where I go to WorldCon? Put your money where your mouse is and vote with your wallet. If the dreadful elks can make sure that Vox Day owns the Hugo ballot, I have to believe the wider fandom at large can ensure that Theophilus Pratt and John Z. Upjohn, USMC (aspired) have ringside seats, if that is in fact what they want.

Now, I am sure that in some quarters this gambit will be dismissed as “e-begging” for “Social Justice dollars” or “victim bux”. If you’ve never seen someone throwing those terms around, be grateful that you haven’t done all the research I have into the alternate realities inhabited by reactionary fandom cliques. As ridiculous as the claims they make are, I confess it is tempting for me to try to temper my approach, to avoid crowdfunding or trying to do it in an apologetic and quiet way in order to try to head off such criticism, or at least make it clear that it’s not warranted.

But at the end of the day, I believe that I have contributed something of value to a wider community. I believe I can make even greater contributions in the near future with a little help. The kind of transaction I’m soliciting here is neither scam nor charity, but a simple exchange of value for value.

Not sold?

Just imagine John Z. Upjohn livetweeting the con, and then listen to your heart.