Well, this has been a week of technical difficulties. I kind of spent Monday decompressing and adjusting to the reality that I really didn’t have to keep calling in to the jury scheduling hot line, then woke up Tuesday morning, ready and raring to… walk straight into problems with my browser, tablet, word processor, and websites.

I spent a couple of hours yesterday trying to log into this very website. There’s a thing that happens sometimes when WordPress updates where the backend gets caught in a loop of updating the database, and it happens often enough that I mostly know how to fix it but not often enough that I don’t have to refresh myself. It also requires me to use an FTP login that I don’t use very often and which doesn’t always seem to work, even when I’m sure I’m doing everything right.

I’ve been having a lot of problems with using Word on my phone and tablet (and thus moving between them and the computer), which also seemed to be related to updates.

I’ve been very excited about Word lately because they have finally updated the mobile version to persistently and automatically save what you’re doing to the cloud; the fact that it didn’t was basically a fatal flaw in the mobile (or at least Android, I don’t know about other platforms) versions of it; you’d change screens, or sometimes even just let your device go to sleep, and when you went back to Word, you’d find it had dumped the memory and put you back on the menu screen.

Google Docs has some stuff going for it, but it gets less usable the bigger and more complex a document you’re working with. The two things that kept me from doing all of my stuff in one place was Microsoft not giving the same editing features for mobile (stuff like text styles) and Microsoft not having a persistent autosave. Both of those things have been fixed now.

I have been working on a couple of things I’ll be talking about in the coming days and/or next week. This will (hopefully) not be my only blog post here today, but I wanted to start the working day off by just dropping a line to everybody watching that I’m okay, since it’s been a few days.