Some quick updates.

I am writing Tales of MU. It’s going well enough that if not for the x-factor relating to jury duty (I am effectively “on call” until mid-April), I’d probably be posting already, or announcing a date.

I’m also working on other long-delayed things; though with the same caveats. Once my term of service as a juror is up, I’ll probably make an extensive blog about my experiences. I do have to say that my local court system does what it can to keep things as convenient as possible under the circumstances, though, there are practical limits to how convenient it can be.

My decision to hold off on publishing more of my D&D material for a month to see what happens has yielded the following results:

  • First, assuming the trends hold for the next two weeks, I’m on track to make only a little less money this month than I did last month.
  • Second, it’s a lot easier for me to keep to my “release a thing a week” plan when I’m not arbitrarily restricting which arenas in which I’m doing it. This is the third week of the month and the third week in a row in which I’m not putting something out for sale at the end of it. Again, jury duty and its caprices is a factor here.

I enjoy discussing D&D rules, answering questions, and giving advice, but I get fed up with the brocentric and mansplainy attitudes that permeate most spaces where people are talking about this subject. Accordingly, I have started a side blog at where anyone playing 5E or looking to play 5E can ask questions or advice, and where I’ll share some general tips/basic definitions.

Why a side blog when I already talk about D&D here? Because semi-weekly Spherical Goblins posts are one things, but basically leavening my main blog with a D&D FAQ would either make the blog unusable as a general blog or the FAQ unusable as a FAQ.

I’m devoting today to getting one particular thing done, with an eye towards making an announcement about it at day’s end. That’s all I’ll say on the subject unless and until I’m ready to make that announcement.