Meanwhile, in heaven…

Well, folks, Angels of the Meanwhile has had typesetting/formatting issues, rights issues, computer issues, communication issues, and my own personal issues, but it’s very close to being a done thing and there will be an announcement of the actual “street date” soon.

I apologize for the delay, as I did not mean for this “little chapbook” to be a year in the making… I’m sure a more experienced editor could have done this better and faster, and shown better coordination with the talented contributors. For a long time, I’ve let this knowledge paralyze me, certain that I’m not worthy to complete what I foolishly started. Now, I look back on the past year and realize that I myself am now a more experienced editor than I was when I started. I’ve gone from feeling like “I’m never doing anything like this again” to “Well, of course I’m not… because next time I’m doing it right.”

Anyway, thank you for your patience.