STATUS: Week In Review

Okay, so, honesty time: the Friday update schedule was not a good idea.

It was a pretty decent idea when I <em>had</em> it, but my situation has changed and I have not acknowledged that. Friday is the one day of the week when everyone in the house is <em>in the house</em>. Monday through Thursday, Jack and Sarah both get out of the house and go to work. On Friday, they have the day off and telecommute, respectively. I have gotten used to working in a full house before, but it wasn’t ideal… and it’s hard to set a routine for something that only happens once a week, at the end of the week.

There haven’t been a lot of “ideal weeks” lately and there aren’t likely to be in the near future. Rather than trying to set a schedule arbitrarily, I’m going to be trying a couple of different things out and seeing what works. My first experiment is going to be with Wednesday updates.

This is not the only work/process-related revelation I’ve come to recently. I aim to be a lot more active at work in the coming week then I have been, and I’ll be talking more about them.