STATUS: Friday, September 4th

The Daily Report

Okay, so… the moisture situation in my bedroom is resolving itself pretty well. I think the airing-out process might be completed this weekend. I’m hoping so, because as previously described, it is making it hard to use my office. This is not as big a deal the rest of the week as it is Friday, as on Friday everybody in the house is home during the day.

On that note, Tales of MU is going to be coming up late tonight rather than early evening. I’ve had a hard time resolving a central conflict about the chapter, and the heat’s not helping. I thought getting out of the house for a bit would help, and it did… insofar as it gave me the idea to wait until the sun goes down and things cool off rather than beating my head against the wall of frustration.

The State of the Me

Sleep continues to be weird but decent?

Miscellaneous Plans For The Near Future

Again, the moisture problem seems to be mostly gone. This weekend I’m going to start a deep clean process on my bedroom, taking advantage of the fact that I’m not currently living in it in order to whip it into a shape it hasn’t ever been in the whole time I’ve been living here. The circumstances of the house when I moved in meant that I had to basically cram everything I own into a single room, and while things have improved, my actual living/sleeping space never fully recovered from never having a chance to be put in any kind of proper order. That definitely contributed to not noticing the A/C leak sooner than I did, and can’t have been doing wonders for my psychological health.

Since I have another place to sleep and a reason to deep-clean the bedroom, I’m basically going to take the chance to give myself a “do-over” on the move on.

I doubt I’ll get it done during a single weekend, even if I’m able to close the windows and run the A/C again, but it’s not going to be taking over my life since I don’t have a deadline. It might be something I spend some time on during the week as a “needed to walk away from the computer and think for a bit” thing.