STATUS: Thursday, July 23rd

The Daily Report

Today started out with unexpected technical hurdles. I woke up to see that there was a vulnerability with a recent version of WordPress, and so I signed into my sites to make sure they had automatically upgraded. They had, but there’s a glitch that WordPress can get from an automatic update that turns the log-in into a redirect loop, and the Tales of MU site had it. I’ve seen this before on my main blog, but the solution I employed here (rolling it back to a previous version) wasn’t an option, and it took me a while to find another fix.

Not a disaster, but not a great start to the day. Any time I have to unravel a technical problem, it knocks me clean out of the creative head space, so I’m a bit behind where I wanted to be, quite apart from the time I spent.

The State of the Me

Slept pretty well last night.

Plans For Today

Probably going to be messing around with random writing for most of the afternoon, to get back in gear before working on this week’s MU chapter at the end of the day.