STATUS: Friday, July 24th

The Daily Report

Well, one unexpected piece of good news yesterday: I learned Microsoft recently came out with an actual Word app for Android devices. Their previous Office suite could open, view, edit, and create Word docs, but it was basically a glorified rich text editor. While I wouldn’t want to try to do heavy formatting on my phone to begin with, the fact that there was no access to Word’s styles system meant that any work done on the phone that went beyond simple text entry would have to be re-worked quite a bit to integrate it with anything done on a desktop. I haven’t tested it extensively, but it seems like for most purposes work done on an Android device is now exactly the same as work done in the actual Word program.

So, now I’m going to have to take a look at all the projects I started and then didn’t find the time and/or continued interest for because I couldn’t juggle them between devices, and figure out what to do with this new information.

The State of the Me

Was a bit wired last night, but did sleep well once I did get to sleep.

Plans For Today

Last Friday was my first new chapter after a long slump. Today’s just as important, in my mind, as one chapter doesn’t break a slump. I’ve been doing some pretty decent writing all week. Not all stuff that connects to anything, but writing nonetheless. I’m pretty confident that I can build on last week and keep going.