Monday, June 1st

The Daily Report

I have to tell you, there is something in me that just rejoices at the perfection of a month beginning on Monday. I love it when things line up like that. I’m not 100% over being sick, but good enough to make the effort of going to work, especially since I would be kicking myself if I had the chance to start a work week cleanly on Monday and have it be the first of the month.

At the same time, I’m a little aghast that it’s June already. Where does the time go? I was sick twice in May, on top of the con. April seems to have disappeared without a trace this year. I spent much of the spring mired in a depressive fog, really.

Part of missing much of May means that I did not do nearly as much to promote Angels of the Meanwhile as I meant to do. Well, with a time-limited offer, it was probably inevitable that a certain amount of its impact would come down to the wire. I’m going for broke today, contacting people with larger profiles and asking them to help boost it.

In happier news: I now have my fourth published poem of the year. I will be making a separate blog post about that in a bit.

State of the Me

Well, I have a sore throat from all the nasal stuff that’s been dripping down it, and my nose is still slightly runny on one side. I am much better, though. Gone is the full body soreness and deep-bone fatigue that signals to me that I’m in a real fight. This is just clean up.

Plans For Today

Today is definitely a “get back into the swing of things” day. Or maybe “get into the swing of things”. I’m kind of working on establishing a new normal here, armed with fresh insight garnered from the con.