STATUS: Thursday, April 30th

The Daily Report

Bad news: My fairly new laptop has what seems to be an intermittent short in the keyboard. When I type the letter “C”, some of the time it registers multiple keypresses in the same row. I took the keys off and did a fairly deep clean over the weekend when the problem first appeared, and that made things better in that I could make it do it by pressing the C key in a specific way, but regular typing was fine.

Since then, the problem has sort of surged back. I kind of suspect that airborne dust and pollen might be the problem, as the windows in my bedroom don’t exactly have a perfect seal against that sort of thing. I also kind of suspect that the demolition going on has stirred up a lot more crap, as seems like a lot more dust has been coming in. I might have to find a different place to keep it or start storing it in a case or something, because I can’t take the time to deep-clean my keyboard every couple of days.

The State of the Me

Doing okay. A little frustrated by the laptop thing, as I’ve otherwise worked my laptop into my work routine. The point of buying a larger, more expensive laptop was that I was hoping to cut down on the amount of time I lost wrestling with it and increase the amount of time I could just pull it out/open it up and start working.

Plans For Today

Well, my initial plan for the day was to take my laptop to a bookstore and sit down and do some serious writing away from noise and distraction. I’m… not sure what’s happening now?