Yesterday, I made a post that referred to a Facebook post as being by John C. Wright. I have since been informed it may have been by John Ringo, but complicating this matter is the fact that it is no longer available to check (or be read). I have since found other references to it as being Ringo’s, and the link I first followed appears to have been removed, so the balance of probability I have to say lies with the information I acted on being faulty.

I found this post by clicking a link posted by someone who is a supporter of the same political and ideological cause that Wright has been championing in SF/F fandom circles, so I had no reason to doubt that the information accompanying it was correct. Certainly I do not attribute this simple mistake to malice. I also take full responsibility for not having read the by-line of the post, and for having passed this confusion on to others in doing so.

While the larger point of my post—that the self-professed Puppies of various stripes are very free and loose with accusations that require substantial leaps in interpreting facts while trying to hold their critics to a very different standard—remains true, I don’t think the best way to get that point across is to challenge one random person to defend what another random person has said as literally true.

Accordingly, I have removed the post in question. I may in the near future incorporate parts of it into a new post that addresses the topic more generally.