WisCon, Ho!

 Well, this is coming much later in the year than usual, but it’s time for my “Hey, I’m going to WisCon” blog post.

Hey, I’m going to WisCon! 

…blog… post.

Anyway, here is my schedule of scheduled events, all of which are within the hotel itself this year.

FRIDAY, 10:30 PM in Caucus*: Kobolds Are People, Too! – Panel about worldbuilding and “monstrous races”/Always Chaotic Evil tropes. This one’s got some great panelists. I mean, they all do. 

SATURDAY, 2:30 PM in Conference 2: Found Media In Mixed Objects II – Trans/genderqueer reading group. We’re putting the band back together with every member of the reading from last year who’s making it back to Madison this year, including our last minute addition of Dr. Sunny Moraine.

SATURDAY, 4:00 PM in University B: Now That’s What I Call Esoteric! – Panel about weird D&D monster trivia. I will mostly be talking about the intersection of mythology and etymology, and the unexpected twists and turns along the way. Or that’s my plan. This might be a “wherever the panel takes us” panel.

SUNDAY, 10:00 AM in Caucus*: The Obligatory She-Ra Panel – Panel. Seems rude that there’s just one She-Ra panel, but I am on it. I may be doing a sort of casual Entrapta cosplay, I’ve got a fundraising goal for that and about $350 more to go, so… go town if you want to see that, or pictures of that.

SUNDAY, 9:30 PM in Room 629 Secret Superhero Party – It’s the third annual launch party for Secret Sisterhood of Superheroes, the project that I’m going to definitely get off the ground properly one of these years, but probably not right now. In the meantime, it’s still a party, and also a soft-launch/pre-launch for my short story collection. Remember that official convention parties at WisCon are absolutely open to all registered convention goers. This is not something yo need an invitation or tap on the shoulder to go to.

MONDAY, 11:30 AM in Capitol/Wisconsin The Sign-Out – This is your last ditch chance to come interact with attendant artists and authors including me in a formal fashion. Come up and say hi, introduce yourself, get a free bookmark (while supplies last) or possibly an early copy of the book, if the stars align for that (but also while supplies last). I’ll sign either or both, or your program book, or whatever. Keanu Reeves signed a receipt for an ice cream cone once. I’m not better than Keanu Reeves. I mean, I’m good, but let’s be real.


Okay, so, my aesthetic has evolved a bit from the past couple years where it was all bright red and rainbows, but that was evolution from black and white geometric patterns. I still tend to wear the same type of long flowy skirts and layers, and usually some kind of hat or head covering. I am cutting back on sun hats indoors, as they can be inconsiderate in crowded places. So I may be wearing a head scarf with a galaxy print or abstract rainbow thing.

My hair color will vary from day to day but will be very vivid each day. My outfits are going to vary from casual cosplays of Link and maybe Entrapta on some days to my all-purpose look, which I call Intergalactic Cyberwizard. 

Which brings me to a very important point: I may be the only person there walking around with a little borg eyepiece on her glasses. I’m bringing my Vufine, I’m wearing my Vufine. If you see someone wearing a leather pouch with wires coming out of it attached to a high-tech eyepiece, that’s probably me. If she has fiery or rainbow or mermaid hair, or is wearing a Link or Entrapta wig, it’s even more likely to be me. If she’s got a whole set of cool adventuring pouch looking things strapped about her person, it’s almost definitely me.

I like to tell people, when I’m at a convention, that if you think you see me, you probably see me. This is less true at WisCon in particular because there are a lot of people with vivid hair colors and similar aesthetics. But the wearable computer screen over my eye will be a pretty big giveaway.


If you’re in doubt, please look at my badge, which will have the green flag flying if I’m open to socialization, and I anticipate that will be the most of the time. My general rule is that when I’m at a convention, in public, and wearing my badge, I’m there to be with people. Hang out with friends, yes, but also meet people. Be sociable. Be accessible. 

Now, I might look busy. I have Resting Busy Face. And my idle animation is to pull out whatever device I have handy and start writing. This is doubly true now that I don’t have to pull a device out because I’m wearing it. This doesn’t change the above! It just means I’m not going to stand around doing literally nothing.

If you’re looking for an engraved invitation… follow me on Twitter, if you’re not already. I’m going to be tweeting my movements, to the extent that I want people to know where I am. If I say I’m going to The Bar downstairs, that’s not me flouncing away from social contact. If I say I’m going to the swimming pool, then you know there’s at least one body positive, non-judgmental, trans person who will be in the pool. (And probably more than one, we move in packs.)

The bottom line here is that I go to conventions to… convene. Converse. Congregate. Be congenial. It’s my chance to meet people, including people I admire but also the people who support my various works. WisCon is a convention that only has two actual invited guests most years. The rest of us are all just members, all attendees. 

*Tee hee.