A wild blog appears!

Look at me, blogging. I haven’t done this since I was contractually obligated to do so.

I’ve been feeling a little… adrift… in a lot of ways lately. I feel conflicted about what to share, where to share it. And so then I frequently end up not doing it. I basically made the decision to do both my personal and professional blogging at Patreon, but then I felt weird about the times I’m not doing any creative writing, the prospect of making my Patreon feed being nothing but personal updates felt weird…

It’s funny. I revel in being weird. I don’t give a single dried fig if anyone else thinks I’m weird. But feeling weird… well, that can paralyze me.

So, I’ve taken a few steps to resolve the weirdness. I de-coupled my blog from my Facebook, because… well… the Venn diagram of people that I’m blogging for and people in my life on Facebook isn’t a perfect circle, and it can be *exhausting* to write a processing post like this and then get a bunch of comments like “FORGET THE HATERS! DO WHAT YOU LOVE!” To say nothing of the folks who don’t actually understand what I’m talking about but feel they have to reply to it anyway, and then get mad that I don’t see this as a conversation.


This is a sort of icebreaker blog post that I’m making in a hotel room, where we’ve come for the weekend to celebrate Jack’s birthday. I find it easier to break out of ruts when I’m some place new, so I’m going to try to blog a bit each day here. If I manage to keep up the blogging habit I’ll tell you more about the trip when it’s over. The current atmosphere has me leery about broadcasting my movements in real time in any great accuracy, you know? Last fall I coincidentally wound up at a hotel the same time Ben Shapiro’s memelord youth group was having a conference. That was a little harrowing.