For Your Consideration (2016 Eligibility Post)

At the request of a few people, I’ve been trying to put together an “eligibility post”, a reminder of things I did in 2016 that might qualify for awards in 2017. I’ve had a hard time finding the wherewithal to do it in a comprehensive way, but I’ve decided that doing it piecemeal is better than not at all. Which is to say that this might be added to later.

Short Stories

  • Women Making Bees In Public” is absolutely one of my favorite short stories ever. It’s a short speculative fiction story.
  • The Numbers Game” is another strong one. It is both speculative and horror.
  • Crooked Hillary” is a horror story without true speculative elements. It is also a work of political satire.



  • You can find a lot of different essays on various topics under the category of “Noisy Nonsense” on my blog. Again, all dated, in case you’re curious what I’ve written in 2016. I’ll only highlight a few of them of which I’m particularly proud:
  • Comedy Tomorrow, Hugos Tonight” – My meditation on the Hugo Awards, on the morning before they were awarded.
  • It’s A Major Award“- A follow-up, written after I received an Alfie.