STATUS: Monday, October 3rd


Well, it’s another month. September was a bit unfocused for me. Financial stress and anxiety over the election had me running from the internet a lot, which resulted in a lot of writing and a lot of game development, but not a lot of time communicating what I was doing or collating/publishing it. I did have some writing breakthroughs that I think are going to lead to good places, particularly with regards to my plans to re-establish myself as one of the most prolific authors on the web over the course of this year. As of the second half of September, I was very close to my goal of writing every day for set intervals. This month, I’m going to nail that goal, and share the fruits of it with you.

Unfocused though it was, September did end on a few high notes.

We published the first issue of Ligature Works, on time and as advertised. There were a couple technical speedbumps at the end, but we learned a lot about how to avoid them.

I have my first patron at the “writing class” perk level. I’ve long thought that once I can get someone in the door there and demonstrate the value of it, I’ll have an easier time attracting more customers.

And RealmLike is my most successful game dev project in more than ten years, both in terms of the interest it’s been attracting and how it’s coming together. The server to play it is offline right now but it will be back up later today.  I think RealmLike could be a nice supplementary revenue stream down the line, but I’ll have to connect with the right audience and refine it into a product worth selling first.


Still in a hole due to WorldCon cost overruns/expense underestimations. Any immediate help appreciated: or$AlexandraErin.


Very tired today, very slow start to my day.  Otherwise good.


Have to run out to pay for a grocery trip at some point in the afternoon. Our household finances are *almost* at the point where this won’t be necessary anymore, really looking forward to that. Depending on when that happens or how it goes, I will either be writing tomorrow’s Tales of MU chapter or doing some random writing in the afternoon, possibly both.