General State of the Me, Post-Con

WorldCon was the biggest con I’ve participated in, by a wide margin. It was also physically larger (as in, covering more ground), during a hotter month, and involving more out-of-doors walking than my home con of WisCon. Suffice to say, it kicked my behind far harder than I expected it to. I spent the first couple of days recuperating from actual injuries sustained walking around in the wrong shoes. That’s all over except for the blistering; now I’m trying to get my sleeping, eating, and pill-taking regimens back on track.

Next year the climate might be a bit milder. We’ll be aiming for a hotel closer to the con site. And I’ll be better prepared. I remember WisCon used to knock me on my backside for a week, too, and this year I came home and started the best month of my career to date the day after I got home.

For now, I’m taking things easy. I’m trying to go as long as possible before I have to squeeze my feet into shoes, and keeping them up as much as possible. I’ve done some light writing, but my brain’s a bit too foggy to do more than finish up and fire off those WorldCon note posts I put up the other day, and tweet intermittently.

I’ll keep you posted about what’s what as I recover.