STATUS: Tuesday, July 12th

The Daily Report

Well, yesterday certainly was a day. I am glad I set the bar pretty low on tasks, as my body had more ups and downs than I had expected based on how I felt when I first woke up. I achieved both the practical goals, though I did not post my MU draft until just before midnight.

This was based on my dissatisfaction with a growing pattern of the Monday drafts seeming to more often be less complete than the Thursday drafts, for reasons having to do with the calendar. The long-term cure for that is getting ahead and staying ahead, which is part of my goal for this week.

Financial Status

The temporary cashflow problem of yesterday not only ended yesterday, but I’ve now got a comfortable bit of padding. Not “able to absorb a serious emergency” padding, but “unexpected expenditures won’t result in overdraft charges” padding. It might wind up being necessary for groceries next week, but at least I have it.

The State of the Me

Very mixed, physically and emotionally, but with the balance on the positive. My body kind of feels, for lack of a better term, flux-y, right now. I’m switching gears between two different states’ allergens, two different sleep schedules, two different levels of exertion, two different sets of eating habits, two regimes regarding my supplements, etc.

Plans For Today

Well, I’m going to be posting a chapter of Tales of MU later today, but I’m also going to be trying to write the next one.