STATUS: Thursday, July 14th

The Daily Report

I’m having a really hard time coming to grips with the way my week is going. At the start of June, I was just back from WisCon and I hit the ground running, kicking of an amazing month of writing and accomplishing things. Here I am back from vacation and I feel like my wheels are spinning ineffectually. I didn’t get much done Tuesday beyond posting the chapter I’d already written. Yesterday, I wrote a satirical news story that was about a week past its prime, but it was stuck in my head and I needed to get it out.

I had a similar experience with a long essay I wrote this morning, responding to some of the more baffling criticism I’d seen around an open letter released yesterday under the heading of “We Are The Left”. It wasn’t really something I wanted to devote two hours to, but until I got it out, I found my attention kept wandering back to Twitter where I could shake my head and wonder how people were getting something so twisted.

This is part of my basic advice to any writer: write what you have to write. Sometimes what’s in the pipeline isn’t what you want to say, but until you get it out, you’re not getting anything else past it.

Financial Status

Outlook basically good.

The State of the Me

Up and down. Wibbly-wobbly. Emotionally and physically, I’m on way shakier ground than I like, to the point that I kind of just want to shut myself away from the world for a few days with nothing to do and no responsibilities, no pressure, just a chance to rest and find my equilibrium. Life doesn’t work like that, though. Even if it were an option, even if I didn’t have responsibilities, I don’t currently have a real space set up to do that. So I will muddle through as best I can, at half speed or quarter speed.

Plans For Today

The one thing that absolutely has to happen is a draft of Tales of MU. That’s all I’m focusing on.