July’s short story is up.

Previously I had been posting my work here as well as Medium when it has no other home, but this one takes some tricky formatting that I can’t readily manage on my mobile set-up, so for now I am just linking to it.

I described “The Numbers Game” as a red pill horror story on Twitter. If you are unfamiliar with the phrase “the red pill” as used here, hopefully the in-story explanations and context will make it clear. And yes, it’s a real thing and all the terminology here is real.

The red pill is a subset of the general sphere that pick-up artists, MRAs, and Men Goint Their Own Way belong to, along with the core constiuency and thought leaders of groups like Gamergate. There is a lot of overlap among those groups in beliefs, terminology, and even membership, though occasionally you find a person who insists that two of the sub-groups are polar opposites.