STATUS: Wednesday, June 29th

The Daily Report

I had some stray observations about the continuing celebrity of my latest parody piece, but they wound up escalating into a separate blog post. I will only note here that far from having run its course overnight, it appears to be picking up speed.

We’re coming up on the end of my first month of renewed MU updates and refocused Patreon activity, and I have to say I think it’s been going pretty good. I’m still tinkering with my short story for the month, but I expect to have it up under the wire. I mean, I could put it up now. It’s complete. It’s just not finished.

When it goes up, I’ll have completed my goals for the month except for the “compile everything into a zine” one, which necessarily must wait until after the end of the month. That will be an interesting experience.

Financial Status

Amidst all the other hoopla, I almost didn’t notice, but we made it! GoFundMe fully funded! Oh, and as of this morning, I guess it’s “and then some”.

The State of the Me

Doing fairly well.

Plans For Today

Focusing on my short story. The title has shifted slightly and might again before it goes up, but right now I’m working with something like “Women Who Make Bees In Public”. As my first monthly short story, I’m not yet sure if it will be public to try to capitalize on the current small spotlight I’m enjoying, or patron-only. I guess I’ll surprise myself.