STATUS: Wednesday, June 22nd

The Daily Report

Well, yesterday I lost time due to grocery shopping, weather, and exertion in the heat. I think we had a fairly cool May and early June here, but we’re starting to get into the part of the year where I have to be real strategic about what I do in a day, physically, especially when it’s outside. It happens every year, but there are months and months of time between it where that’s not normal. It was a good day in the sense that our food supplies and finances became that much more secure, but not a terribly fruitful day, writing-wise.

Just over a week is left in June. Where did it go? I have accomplished so much this month, and I’m writing this sentence because my kneejerk reaction is to feel like I’ve done nothing. Two chapters of Tales of MU every week. A new story project started. New poems. Blog posts. Ten of thousands of words of fiction.

Financial Status:

Hovering a bit above where I was during my anxiety-ridden previous week(s). I am personally back to having basically no money to spend, but with a little more of a safety margin. As a household, the fact that we were able to buy groceries this week on magical internet money means that the money we were going to use—the money that the bank was holding in the other account—can now chill out until next week.

The State of the Me

A little wiped physically. I had a monster of a bad dream last night/this morning, involving a roller coaster ride, a high-stakes bet, and a seat restraint that wouldn’t latch/ratchet.

Plans For Today

A little disjointed. I have two pieces of writing I need to get done, but things are a little out of whack.