STATUS: Tuesday, June 21st

The Daily Report

As I noted yesterday at the end of the day, I still managed to accomplish my major goal for the day despite anxiety and household discussions taking up a lot of the day. I’m feeling much better today, back much closer to the carefully cultivated feeling of utter invincibility that’s needed to crowdfund and create.

We are getting near the end of the month here, so I’m looking towards wrapping up the month’s business. In particular, I have a short story pending, and I need to stake out a day to sit down and write it.

Financial Status

I haven’t yet heard from the rest of the household today on this, but my bank did stop jerking around and cleared some of the recent deposits, so my balance isn’t hovering perilously close to 0 anymore. That’s money for August, earmarked for the con hotel, so it can’t be spent on groceries and in theory nothing should be touching it. Still, breathing more easily now that I’m not one unexpected emergency transaction or arbitrary fee away from an overdraft there.

In the meantime, the internet came through for us and I now have ample money in my PayPal account to get groceries for a house of three adults for a week or two, regardless of what the other bank is or isn’t doing. So that’s good.

I don’t feel good about having to hit the emergency button, but I do feel good about contributing more to the household. Me being able to pick up the groceries a couple of times a month should do a lot to alleviate the stress around here. I don’t like to count my Patreon pledges before they’ve hatched, but so far it looks like splitting my Patreon into “Tales of MU” and “author and all her assorted works”, I will have more than doubled my Patreon earnings, which was my biggest chunk of change each month. If so, then I haven’t quite doubled my income (as that’s not my only stream), but it’s still a significant step forward.

The State of the Me

Doing good? I mean, yesterday I started out feeling full of energy and motivation, my first day really bouncing back from being sick and that got derailed. Today I woke up and the proximate problems of yesterday were already solved, so.

Plans For Today

I’d really like for today to be everything yesterday should have been, but the fact that I’ve got the money in my account means I’ve got to go out on our grocery run today. (Before someone says to just send someone else with my card: You Must Be This Privileged for that to be safe.) That’s not going to take the whole day, but it does eat a bit of it.