STATUS: Tuesday, June 14th

The State of the Me

Opening with this one because it might be more than usually relevant.

Every once in a while, I manage to sleep on my hand (usually my left one) weird and wake up with a thumb that feels like it was bent back weird or something. When this happens, it generally hurts for most of the day. The pain interferes with phone/tablet typing but doesn’t do much to impair regular typing, as the only thing I use my left thumb for in typing is hitting the space bar, and I have plenty of other digits that can do that, including my right thumb.

More than anything else, the pain is just a constant low level distraction at the back of my head that makes it hard to focus on anything. I have taken a 12 hour naproxen dose this morning. Hopefully that will keep it down to a dull roar, and giving it plenty of rest will help. I’d really like for it to be back to normal by this afternoon.

The Daily Report

There is minor upper respiratory illness in our house. I do not have it, though it, like my distressed thumb, is contributing a bit to the background processing load of my brain.

How much do I love my Pebble watch? So much, apparently. I have programmed M-F timers into it for start of work day, end of work day, and lunch time. I think getting a gentle buzzing reminder at set times will have a positive impact on my ability to keep a routine.

Didn’t get any kind of response to my Lord Chad, Seal Master post yesterday. That’s okay. Part of this gig is not being afraid to try things, take risks. I just went on Twitter tangent about this, starting here:

Financial Situation

Stable, if not comfortable? No real change from yesterday. Absent any unexpected windfalls, we’re going to be limping along for most of the month, and then I should have my best Patreon payout yet after the end of the month. My author Patreon is showing some growth now. It’s not like the explosive growth that some authors who made the leap from traditional funding to crowdfunding got, but it’s getting back up into the neighborhood of where it was before I split Tales of MU into its own thing. Growth over time is good. It’s more likely to be sustainable.

Plans For Today

The errands I was talking about yesterday wound up delayed until today, due to aforementioned illness in the house. Between that and my thumb, I’m making no solid plans except for Tales of MU. Basically keeping the decks cleared for making sure that happens as scheduled.