STATUS: Thursday, June 30th

The Daily Report

Well, it’s been wild, but I do believe that thing I wrote the other day is winding down. It had its smallest yet overnight increase in stats, there are no new major sites/categories showing up in the referral links. In terms of dollars and cents, it brought in $150 of money I can directly link to it and increased my Patreon patronage by just north of $20 a month.

Not life-changing, but it came at a good time, and it’s still a better deal than HuffPo.

Had a bit of a setback yesterday while finishing up my short story for the month. I was writing on my tablet, using a Bluetooth keyboard that has several one-touch shortcut keys including ones that launch other apps. I don’t make a lot of typos, but one errant keypress and my tablet switched screens and dumped something like 46 minutes of progress. Frustrating.

I’ll say one thing about my current comeback as a writer: I’m a lot better at rolling with punches. Before that would have killed my creative drive for the day, and even after that I would have found it very hard to re-create the parts I’d written and lost.

As things stood, I was a bit flustered about it, especially since I was trying to constrain myself to finishing and posting it by end of day yesterday. I succeeded by dint of working an hour late, and there was some sloppy editing towards the end… something I fixed, lost, and then overlooked. It can be hard to edit your own work for things like mistakes because it’s easy to look at the page and see your intentions.

If I could do it over again, I would not have lost almost an hour’s work. But failing that, I would have slept on it and looked at it with fresh eyes before posting it today. Ah, well. At least not many people saw the version with the poorly edited ending.

I’d like to find someone to disable/remap specific keys on the keyboard to avoid this in the future. Failing that, I’ll just have to be more careful about working in Office and not Drive. I got lazy and tried working on the story in Docs because that’s what the default option was for opening a text file I downloaded from ILYS. It’s not yet second nature to me that Microsoft has pulled away from Google in the reliability of their persistent autosave.

Financial Status

Well, the much wished-for end of month has finally arrived. We did get a little lift from the “Sad Boner” piece.  Over the next few days, I’ll be getting a slightly better idea of my current circumstances, re: Patreon.

The State of the Me

A little tired today.

Plans For Today

Main thing I’m working on is Tales of MU. Also going to have to make a decision about next week, which will be based in large part on how things go today and tomorrow.