STATUS: Thursday, June 2nd

The Daily Report


Well, yesterday’s schedule was complicated because of post-con stuff and the fact that I decided to kick things into high gear around here on what turned out to be my first day back. To focus on the positive: I did update Tales of MU at a time when it was still Wednesday, June 1st in most of the United States?

I like the chapter. I think the start of the new book is a good introduction for new readers. I’m excited about it and the story and the world and the characters in a way that hasn’t happened organically in a long time. Through the auspice of Patreon, I also know that I’m getting paid ~$39 for it, which should come to me at the start of next month. That’s about a penny a word, which isn’t great, but having that much more of a direct connection between writing and getting paid does wonders for the motivation.

Financial Outlook

Not bad for now. It’s weird to come back from WisCon with some padding rather than a deficit. I’m really curious to see how the Tales of MU Patreon does when I’m getting more updates up. Best case scenario: it goes up. Long term, I’m going to need more sponsorship per chapter to keep going. I really hope to have $50 a chapter by the end of the month and grow from there. I think that’s doable, especially as I get back to focusing on the kinds of stories I want to read, which are the stories I’m best at writing and the ones that resonate the most powerfully with others.

The State of the Me

While I had my best post-con day yesterday, con living caught up with me unexpectedly when I absentmindedly drank two caffeinated sodas and a coffee with dinner. I stopped drinking caffeine past the early afternoon quite a while ago, but that habit goes out the window at con time. So I was up until something like 4:45 in the morning, and am fairly tired right now.

Plans For Today

I have a good start on a draft of a Sad Puppies Review Books, and I’m reaching out to a couple of people regarding collaboration opportunities. I’d like to get a few blog posts up, but I also might wind up taking a nap in the afternoon.