STATUS: Monday, June 6th


Well, I have a new USB mini keyboard for my tablet, which has several advantages over its predecessor (which was purchased for my phone, and was thus a bit more compact, though once I got my tablet I started using it pretty much exclusively with that.) It has a trackpad and mouse functions, which are not something I will use often but which are nonetheless useful when I want to lie back and write. It also has a backlight that can be toggled on and off, which means I can once again shut myself up in a very dark room and write.

A new keyboard always takes a while to break in. This one I was terrible at for about 500 words, then a seasoned pro after the first thousand. These thousand words formed the basis of something I started yesterday called Making Out Like Bandits, the opening of which is available to read for free on my Patreon. Subsequent installments will be patron-locked. The idea came from one I was considering for a short story, but that format was too small for what I had in mind. Still casting about for a short story idea for June.


In fine shape. I am not where I want to be with either my author Patreon or the Tales of MU one, but I haven’t really pushed the MU one on its own site to its fanbase. I plan on doing so at week’s end, after two weeks of multiple updates so that the idea of paying for regular updates seems less speculative. I am still feeling out what the update schedule will be, but I think it will be possible to put up a draft for patrons a day ahead of when it goes on the site.

Similarly, I expect my author Patreon to pick up a bit when I post my first new short story, and once Making Out Like Bandits has a continuation to read.

Even if they just stay exactly where they are, I will be in better shape at the start of next month than any previous month I have been on Patreon. The WorldCon fundraiser has slowed a bit, but it is already ahead of schedule by a wide margin. I honestly wouldn’t mind if it were to close out by the end of the month so I don’t have to keep rattling the cup every so often all summer, but it’s fine if it just comes in in dribs and drabs, too. The time-sensitive portion of the fundraiser is passed.

One significant expense coming up: I really should have an eye appointment in the next month or so. It has been quite a while. If anyone wants to kick something in for that in particular, I might be able to see to it before my next Patreon payout.


Sore and tired. We got caught in a sudden torrential downpour yesterday while taking my father-out-law mini golfing for his birthday, and wound up freezing and soaked. This aggravated all my muscle and joint pain, which made sleep difficult.


Big writing day. I am basically going to be working on everything today.