STATUS: Monday, June 27th

The Daily Report

Well, over the weekend I posted a thing to the social media content site Medium (more on that in a subsequent post) that instantly went semi-viral, overnight becoming my second-most read piece on there. That got me thinking about posting more content to Medium.

I would never make it my primary outlet because… well, I don’t fully trust it, to be honest. But I think it gives a better format for readers to read and share stories and poems than posting them to my blog does. So I think I’m going to start copying such stuff I’ve previously published here over there, and in the future when I post poetry or prose for public consumption, I’ll cross-post it. Maybe even when I make  persuasive or informational post.

We’re in the waning days of June. The last thing to tick off on my patron promises for the month is the short story, which I have the body of written. I just need to finish tinkering with it to my satisfaction and post it.

Next week I’m returning to Omaha for a family 4th of July celebration and sort of aggregate of other family milestones/observances. I’ve been traveling a lot for family stuff, but this is likely to be the last big trip I take to Nebraska in the foreseeable future. As my siblings and I get more and more scattered and more established in our separate lives, we’re also trying to hold on to the closeness we had growing up, but the future is going to call for different solutions.

I’m not at all sure what next week is going to do for the MU publication schedule. If I hadn’t gotten sick in June, I would have sufficient padding that I wouldn’t have to give it a second thought. It’s possible I could catch up this week, but I have other stuff I need to do. The fact that people are now pledging for MU per chapter completed gives me an incentive to power through, but it also gives me some slack to take a week off if necessary, as no one gets charged for that.

Financial Status

Well, for a while, it really seemed like the momentum was with closing out my WorldCon travel fundraiser in the month of June, but we appear to have stalled temporarily at just a little bit shy of the target. If anybody wants to throw some money in to help put it over the top, I’d appreciate it:

The State of the Me

Made some questionable life choices yesterday and I’m paying the price for them today. Starting work about an hour late, and it’s likely to be a slow day.

Plans For Today

It’s going to primarily be a creative day. Working on my short story, working on Tales of MU, working on Making Out Like Bandits.  I’m also going to be selecting a few pieces to port over to Medium. Old stuff, but stuff that could find a new audience.