Some random stuff.

Okay, so.

My phone is dying. Definitely dying. It’s doing this thing where it will randomly start rebooting itself and then get stuck in a loop, burning up 10 or 15 percentage points of its power each time. It has only done it a whopping total of 3 times, one of them on the way home from WisCon. Jack’s phone (an LG G3) did this a few months back, much more consistently. That was apparently a firmware problem, and they gave him a G4 to replace it. I don’t know if this is a similar issue that can afflict G2s, or something else. This is on top of general flakiness regarding the software keyboard, and other issues.

This is more inconvenient than anything, as I have a protection plan. I was hoping I could just move my phone service onto the household account when my individual contract is up in July; when I’ve had to use file for a replacement in the past, they’ve made me re-up. I’m not sure if that’s still true, particularly as I think AT&T has moved away from the contract model? The point is I’m probably going to have to deal with this, in some fashion, and to put it bluntly: I don’t wanna.

My bluetooth keyboard is already dead. Don’t know what’s up with it, but it won’t pair/communicate with any device. Tried recharging it and everything. Well, I tried recharging it. Replacement is already on its way, should be here today.

The confluence of these things—phone not working, tablet not having a physical keyboard—have slowed my writing down a bit. They’re why my tweeting fell off during the con. Things will get a bit better when the replacement keyboard arrives. I would rather have a phone that functions over a tablet, but I can write better and faster with a physical keyboard than a touch device, regardless of what the device actually is.

My birthday is in just under a week, on June 10th. I’m turning 36, which is an especially pleasing age because it’s a perfect square with a lot of factors. If you would like to do something to help me mark it, suggestions would include:

  1. Throw money into my con travel fund (it’ll go to the WorldCon hotel at this point, as I have airline tickets and will be buying memberships when the money next settles in my account):
  2. Get something off my Amazon wishlist.
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