My 8 Hour Game Design

Okay, this is kind of random (but what do I do that isn’t?), but I’m in a creative mood and my story brain is not engaging today. When this happens, I tend to default to game design. I’ve got multiple game design projects floating around between my back burners, but in the interest of bringing something to fruition I’m setting myself a challenge and giving this new experiment a limited scope.

I’m going to design and then release a playable RPG system over the course of an 8 hour workday (with a half hour break for lunch).

This includes the hour that just passed, by the way, because I’ve had ideas jangling around in my head since I woke up. Seriously, when I’m stressed and feel like my life is out of control, my brain wants to design systems for simulating and controlling worlds.

I do have a lot of material lying around for other games, both in digital and neural forms, so to make this challenge a little more honest I’m going to do something I haven’t done before: diceless. This will be double fun because I haven’t played or read a lot of diceless games, either.

Working title for the project is “NoDice Odyssey”. It’s pronounced “Nodyssey Odyssey”. I will post updates on or about the hour all day.