On my Patreon page, I’m offering a perk for patrons at the $25 level: a two hour online writing class focused on a different lesson each month. This month the theme is Writing The Rest Of A Story When You Only Know Part Of It. 

Going on from the beginning is often easy enough, but what do you do when you have the end of a story, or the middle? What happens when you’ve got a single cool scene but you don’t know what goes around it? How do you write something you haven’t mapped out? How can you write about a person or world or phenomenon you don’t know about?

At this point, no one has signed up for the $25 level, so I am offering the class slots for sale here. The class will take place on Friday, June 24th, at 4:00 PM Eastern, with another session on Saturday, June 25th at noon for those who can’t make it. Participants may join either or both sessions; unless everybody there on Friday is there on Saturday, you can expect Saturday to mainly be a repeat, but if you have the time and think you’d benefit from repetition, there you go. The class will be held using Google Hangouts (text only); a Google/Gmail account is necessary to participate, but those are free. You can make one specifically for the class if you want.

Sign Up Form

I’m using a PayPal button for this, because that gives me inventory control and space in the class is extremely limited.

Once you have purchased your slot, forward your payment confirmation to blueauthor (at) alexandraerin (dot) com. In this message, please include the email address we should use for contacting you in Hangouts, if it’s not the one you’re emailing from, and which class(es) you expect to attend.

All purchases are final. If events eventuate that you cannot attend either session at all, I’ll try to make a space for you in next month’s. Similarly, I reserve the right to reschedule either session if it turns out I couldn’t be there; it would be a boring class without me.