8 Hour Game Hours 7 & 8: Not quite the home stretch.

Okay. So. I very broadly hit the goal of creating a rules lite, diceless game system that could technically be played, but I’m going to give the final results a kind of mixed rating? The equipment system is not there, there are references to special abilities but no framework for such, there’s no elements of narrative control that I was hoping to include. What I have is less an elegant foundation on which an end user could build whatever they wanted and more a stripped-down chassis which a skilled mechanic with the right tools who is willing to get their hands dirty could use to build something, with a little effort.

Still! It’s something. And I think the timed/deadline approach had a positive impact on my design process and keeping me focused. So, I’m going to extend it. In a previous update I was talking about extending the system through a series of similar focused work days. I’m going to give the base system itself a little more time, though. Specifically, I want to see what I can come up with in 24 hours. Not all at once! I have too much going on for that. I doubt I could find two more 8 hour work days in the next few weeks.

But a few half-days, here and there? Totally doable. So I’m going to log the time I spend working on it and see what I can come up with in 24 hours total. This 8 hour session gave me a more realistic idea of what I can do in 8 hours, so I think a (distributed) 24 hour design schedule is totally doable.

Here’s the final updated link for now. Again, this is with no polishing, minimal editing for order or clarity, and not at all the preferred newbie friendly, strictly-defining finished version. Future updates will still be tagged “NDO” but not “8 hour game design”, because, not 8 hours.