STATUS: Tuesday, May 24th

The Daily Report

Well, my WorldCon travel fund is going well. Almost halfway there, and more than enough for plane tickets. Just waiting on the money to hit my bank account, and then I’ll set the travel arrangements. At that point, my plans are made.

So, yesterday I was selecting stories and queuing them up to go live on this blog at noon each day through the end of May. I made some kind of error in the planning phase when I was counting how many stories I would need, though. I think I got distracted in the middle and accidentally subtracted Monday’s story (which went live as soon as it was chosen instead of being queued) twice. However it happened, I spent a good portion of the day picking eight stories and then found a day left over when I added them to the queue.

The upshot is I have one more story to pick than I was counting on, and from moment to moment I vacillate between not being able to choose between several stories or completely drawing a blank as to what could fill the slot. After some consideration, though, I’ve decided to bend the rules a bit and instead of one short story, putting a couple of shorter stories (longer flash fiction pieces that straddle the line between flash and short, basically) and one poem that tells a story. While I’m offering one full-length short story each month as part of my revamped and revitalized Patreon, it’s not all I have to offer, and I figure my preview should reflect that.

The State of the Me

Doing well.

Plans For Today

Well, I’m putting some finishing touches on the queue for the rest of the month, and also kicking around ideas for a Sad Puppies Review Books. It’s not a guarantee that something will come to me before I start closing things down for the trip, but if something does, it’ll go up in this space like normal.