State of the Me

I started off yesterday feeling pretty low, and ended it feeling pretty high. Immediately after my first blog post of the day, I broke down a giant pile of empty cardboard boxes that have been cluttering the end of our upstairs hallway, and throughout the afternoon I unpacked three boxes of dishes (mostly coffee mugs and a few other cups) that were packed up from Jack and Sarah’s apartment but never unpacked or put away, then destroyed even more cardboard boxes. Since we only get recycling pick-up every other week and we’re only contracted for one bin, I’ll probably be putting those boxes out well into June, but they certainly take up less space disassembled and flattened than they did as boxes.

I was hoping I’d wake up today feeling exactly as awesome as I did in the afternoon yesterday, but that didn’t happen. Ah, well. At least I have yesterday as a shining example of how the beginning of the day isn’t necessarily a prophecy about the whole of it.