Since I haven’t blogged about my actual life that much lately…

Let me just tell you how my afternoon’s been.

The popping out of the house for a bit wound up taking a bit longer than expected. We were heading to Shepherdstown, after a friend of ours had told us that they have a decent selection of men’s pants. Jack has been looking for more that will fit him, as his waist has shrunk a bit the past few months, but he doesn’t want to buy a bunch of new clothes while his body is still changing shape. We didn’t find anything that fit him there, though I did find a cute red hat that fit me surprisingly well (it didn’t look like it would).

That’s jumping ahead. It took a bit longer than expected, as I said, because we found ourselves on a winding country road behind some large, slow-moving vehicles used for repainting the lines on said road. The day was nice, though, and so was the company, so I didn’t really mind going 10 mph for a good portion of the way there.

The hat was a good find, and it happened to coordinate really well with what I was wearing today, so I took that as a sign and got it.

We headed back to town and stopped at the mall, because Plan B on the pants situation was trying to find some cool suspenders. Jack had a blood sugar situation on the way into the mall, so we popped into a candy store to see if we could find something with a moderate amount of carbs, something to get him pepped up without swinging too far in the opposite direction. Score: something called Gardner’s Candies had a roasted almond chocolate bar that had 11 net carbs per half-a-bar serving. Even better, the bar is divided into easy break away squares, six per half a bar. That’s less than 2 carbs per square.

So that was a nice find.

They have a website. This is the ordering page for their chocolate bar, which has different options; all the non-almond ones had around 50% more carbs, probably because they didn’t have almonds taking up space. Disappointingly, their “nutrition information” link takes you to a PDF that contains a single page on which is written a 1-800 number to call.

Jack did find his suspenders, and he got a new hat, too. I’ve also updated my Facebook profile pic to one that he took today, of me in my new hat.

Nice afternoon out, all things considered.