Regularly scheduled something something.

As part of my attempts to manage my communications better, I’m going to be using the schedule post function more often. For instance, my post about jury duty was written write after the one about boundaries and Tales of MU, because I wanted to get it out but I didn’t want to detract from the message of the two posts by having them right on top of each other.

I’ve just scheduled a post for tomorrow morning, too… a bit of what you might call bonus content made possible by CritterDB. I’d been wanting to do a semi-regular custom monster feature for a while, but CritterDB really makes the presentation part so easy that it really feels possible. Pretty much five minutes after I saw the thing, I had decided to make “Monday Morning Monsters” a thing on my blog. Then I realized that this Monday I’m going to be sitting in a courthouse, and then I realized I could schedule the post.

So hopefully, tomorrow morning there should be a neat monster post.