Monday, March 21st

So, this is going to be another weird week. I don’t have to report for jury duty again until Thursday, but it’s still coming up. I’m going to be boosting Angels of the Meanwhile throughout this week and the next. It’s a huge psychic load off my mind to have it put to bed; there are a lot of vicious cycles involved when you have commitments that you just can’t fulfill. I have a bad tendency to over-commit, which in practice works out to be almost indistinguishable from committing to nothing.

But, onwards and upwards.

In getting caught up on things, I’m working on simplifying them so that it’s harder to fall behind. I just made a Patrons-only post over on my Patreon talking about some of that.

Today is World Poetry Day. It’s also Monday, the day in which I have actually written most of my poems. I find poetry a great creative warm-up exercise. So in recognition of those facts, and the fact that I have been writing way more gaming content than straight fiction lately, I’m going to be spending my creative energy today working on poems.