From general to specific.

Okay, so last post I just made was about procrastination, where it comes from and maybe where it’s going. I spent a lot of time working on it today, more than I expected to, but I think it was an important bit of processing. There are many things I was thinking of when I came up with the major points in that post, but one of them was how difficult it’s been for me to finish Angels of the Meanwhile, and why.

After my computer failed on me last summer and I couldn’t pull it together when I first wanted to, from that moment on, on some level I was waiting for some sign that the project had failed or that it hadn’t. Useless, of course. The project succeeds when it’s released.

When I was working on my own things for my own gain, I had an easier time keeping hold of that. My first big collaborative project, benefiting someone else… it took a lot of gumption to get the thing rolling, but when I suffered a setback, I really fell back on the habit of looking for some sort of external structure to guide me. Which is doubly unfortunate because it’s a collaborative project, benefiting someone else.

There’s a lot of goodwill and social capital and other people’s work tied up in this thing, and the deserving recipient of all that good stuff, Pope Lizbet, is still having problems spinning out from the original incident. So we’ve got to get this thing out the door sooner rather than later. Watch this space for daily updates this week, as part of a new and improved (or old and resumed) focus on accountability and productivity.

In the meantime, you can help her out at the newly grabbed short link of