Warlocks of Other Patrons (D&D 5E)

Available now through the DMs Guild, Warlocks of Other Patrons is a brilliant resource for taking the warlock class to new and exciting places. Including new patrons, new pact boons, new cantrips to make melee-focused “bladelocks” more viable, and new invocations and backgrounds to add a dash of creature comfort and worldly riches to your warlock’s existence, this is a devil of a deal at $4.99.

New patrons include the Balance, the Living Dead, the Primal Spirits, and the Stars. The latter two in particular are designed to bring options and flavor from 4E explicitly into the realm of 5E. New pact boons include a divination-focused the Pact of the Eye, an immortality-oriented Pact of the Soul Keeper, and a second familiar/companion pact, Pact of the Guiding Spirit.

One of the meta goals for this release is to broaden the space occupied by the warlock in the same way that Clerics of Lesser Domains did for that class. Hence, there are more options for melee warlocks, summoning warlocks, even healing warlocks, and more non-combat/roleplay oriented options. You can use the backgrounds Astrologer, Diabolist, or Spirit Medium to represent the means by which you made your pact, or backgrounds like Cursed, Fortune’s Favorite, and Well-Kept to represent the results.

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