The Snow Falls

Well, it’s snowing again. It’s not supposed to be anything like the blizzard of a few weeks ago, though the snowfall estimates have been revised upwards a couple of times. Also, this time we have hot water.

Yesterday I got a summons for jury duty, reporting middle of next month. I’ll be mentioning that a few times here because things don’t become really real for me unless I blog about them.

I wasn’t intending to do two D&D supplements a row as part of my 40 things in 40 weeks, but the response to Clerics of Lesser Domains has been better than I’d expected, so I’m working on its follow-up, Warlocks of Other Powers. The Warlock is the class I have given the most thought to and actually have the most material already built up for. The highlights for the Warlock manual will include:

  • New patrons, including a force of universal balance, a soul trapping object, a vampire lord, and primal spirits.
  • New pact boons, including an all-seeing eye and a spirit companion.
  • New invocations, including ones representing the things people typically sell their souls for (long life, worldly comforts, etc.)
  • New cantrips, including eldritch strike, an alternative to eldritch blast that makes the pact of the blade a bit more viable as a melee build.
  • New backgrounds, including Astrologer, Diabolist (a student of forbidden lore), Fortune’s Favorite, Spirit Talker, and Well-Kept. Fortune’s Favorite and Well-Kept might be taken by anyone (as can any background), but with a Warlock can be used to represent other, non-adventuring aspects of an eldritch pact.

If the primal spirit patron, spirit companion boon, and spirit talker background have you thinking of a 4E class that did not make the grade for a 5E conversion, you’re not far off.

I might have a few other [Classes] of [Adjective] [Nouns]s in me, although none of them are likely to come together for a while and I don’t plan on forcing it for any class that doesn’t seem ripe for such an expansion.

I’m not abandoning my own game design aspirations, just looking to get paid while I work on them. Actually, the release of the SRD 5.0 has shifted them a bit, as I really think the core rules for 5E are a great light chassis to build on.