Good news, middling news?

Firs, the bad-ish news: I think I’ve been getting sick? It’s hard to tell. I have a very low-key brain fog and the joint pain that I normally associate with the onset of illness, plus a bit of stuffiness and throat pain, and I’ve kind of spent the past several days bracing for myself to wake up with a cold, but it didn’t actually happen. If I’m right, then I guess we can figure that my immune system is possibly on an upswing, which would be a good thing all around. If so, I could definitely get used to it… and I’d like to get used to it, as I’ve lost more productive energy this week to fretting about it than to actually being sick.

Now the good news: even if I haven’t accomplished much this week beyond it, my D&D marketing plan has worked perfectly. The collection of feats I put up just yesterday breached the top 10 product list on the DMs Guild a couple of times as it bounced around, then surged to hit the number 5 spot, where it is right now. This puts it visible on the front page of the store for people using most browsers/devices, which in turn generates more sales which gives it some inertia for its high spot. It’s hard to tell how much of a bump it’s giving my other booklets as I’ve been selling the oldest one for, oh, about twelve days, but I feel like it did give them both a jolt, and more than that, I figure it is helping me build a reputation.