STATUS: Thursday, January 7th

Apparently I’ve got a lot to say these days, because once again I woke up and started writing a different blog post before I started my status post here. Just like yesterday, I flipped over here to write my status post before I finish posting the blog post.

I’ve been pondering what to do about status posts in 2015. One of the problems is that sometimes they’re formulaic and I need formula, but other times they’re formulaic and I’m saying the same nothing every day because I have committed myself to saying it, and it takes up time and attention that I could be spending saying something I want to say.

So I think what I’m going to do is, on days when I don’t wake up with something else to say, I’ll write a status post. The commitment is to blog every day (or every work day). If I’m not saying something sufficiently personal otherwise, I’ll make a status post to touch base and keep up the habit. If I am, I won’t necessarily force myself to make a status post. If I’ve got a blog post but there’s also status things to discuss, I’ll do both.