In (and Out) of Hot Water

So, I spent a lot of time yesterday trying to take a shower. The first time, the hot water was a little iffy. No big deal, I thought. We just got back from out of town and are settling into routines, Jack just went back to work, I’ll have to wait a little later in the day to do it. I waited. Hot water not any better. Someone must have done dishes or a load of laundry, I guess. I decided to just take a hot bath in the afternoon instead.

I wound up repeating the “maybe if I wait” process throughout the afternoon. By the time I went to bed last night, I was pretty sure that our hot water heater wasn’t heating at all. After talking to the other people in the house, two of us noticed on Tuesday that it was running noticeably hotter than normal, so I’d bet it just overheated and tripped the cut-off switch. If I’m right, it’s an easy fix, literally just a button…. but that button is in the middle of a bunch of live electrical wires and our house has complicated wiring due to its history. So, not much I can do. I’ve let our landlords know.

It threw my day off yesterday and again today because I’ve gotten used to using a shower to signal “time to go to work”, plus the bath as a time and place to unwind and let the creative juices simmer. I’m trying not to let today slip by me, though it’s going to be a kind of weird and uncomfortable day.