STATUS: Tuesday, December 22nd

The Daily Report/State of the Me

Man, do you know how nice it is to be able to shower in my own bathroom again? There’s one in the bathroom downstairs, but it’s downstairs, as opposed to right outside my bedroom door, and it’s the one that other people are using to get ready in the morning, and no one in the house is on a 100% fixed schedule so I kind of wait around awkwardly until I’m sure it’s clear…

Nothing wakes me up like a hot shower, and nothing helps cleanly delineate the start of a day, either. I haven’t been sleeping well, like I said yesterday, but today I woke up to an alarm and was out of bed by 9:30, and showered and such by 10. The trajectory of my morning was affected by the fact that we had to run out for cat food… being cooped up and stressed out makes our kitties eat their feelings, so they go through the dry food a lot faster than we normally account for. But it was a good start, nonetheless.

One of my Facebook followers said on my last post that I should just relax and enjoy the holidays. I appreciate the sentiment, and in fact relaxing is the main thing I’m doing this week, after 2+ weeks of hammering and pounding and yelling, and the preceding months of anxiety. But getting back in the habit of communicating with the world is relaxing, and writing little things like the poem I posted yesterday is relaxing.