TotD: Imp Lied (Flash Fiction)


By Alexandra Erin


“You didn’t hold up your end of the bargain,” I said.

“Of coure I didn’t,” the tiny, winged figure in the circle said. “You made a dea with the devil. Well, a devil. Well, a devilish being. What did you expect to get? Fair dealing and four star customer service?”

“No, but I thought you would be, you know, tricky about it,” I said. “Double meanings, overly literal or figurative interpretations, loopholes… something like that.”

“That sounds like a lot of work when I can get what I want with straight-up dishonesty,” it said.

“But if you don’t have a reputation for honesty, how can you expect people to make deals with you?”

“I had a good enough reputation to pull you in,” it said. “Probably because people would rather tell stories where they were outsmarted with clever wording than ones where they just straight up gave away all their marbles for nothing. That’s how you get stories about magic beans, I’m sure. Anyway, I’m not sure why I need a reputation for honesty. I mean, you expected I would cheat you, and you still agreed.”

“Because I thought I would have a chance to outsmart you!” I said.

“Well, you got one,” it said. “That part where I asked you if you wanted to make a deal. That was your chance to outsmart me. You could have said no and walked away.”

“You told me that you were a creature of honor and that your word was all you had.”

“Yeah, funny story,” it said. “It turns out liars can say that, too.”


TotD: While Loop (Poem)


By Alexandra Erin

Start over. Circle back. Begin again.

Do the odd numbered problems

on the even numbered pages

then repeat lines 1 to 3.

Doing the same thing over and over

and expecting different results is

the working definition of working.

Practice makes perfect, they say,

but perfect is the enemy of good.

Procrastinating? I’m fighting evil.

What is there to do when anything

worth doing is worth doing right,

but you don’t regret the things you do,

only the things you have not done?

Start over. Circle back. Begin again.

TotD: The Vampire Lies (Poem)


By Alexandra Erin



In marble halls, the vampire lies.

In stillness and silence, the vampire lies.

When the night falls the dark one will rise

In marble halls, the vampire lies.


The check’s in the mail, the vampire lies.

I’m too big to fail, the vampire lies.

You’re the one millionth visitor, come claim your prize.

In marble halls, the vampire lies.


I found it like that, he bit me first,

they speak of my drinking but never my thirst.

I barely miss breathing, I’ve lived through much worse.

Being undead is hardly a curse.


In marble halls, the vampire sighs.

In stillness and silence, the vampire cries.

When the night falls, she’ll dry off her eyes.

In marble halls, the vampire lies.