STATUS: Monday, October 26th

The Daily Report

Been a while, but we’re back. A few different things happened in the past few weeks that I’m not about to get into with the public, but the end result is that I’m doing better than I have been in just about every way, probably since before I moved.

I’m going to be resuming posting a creative Thing of the Day immediately. Tales of MU will resume this week and be posted towards the end of it. There will be a major update/announcement on the long-awaited Angels of the Meanwhile anthology this afternoon. I am putting the finishing touches on a “Sad Puppies Review Books” compilation e-book with some additional material (including several not previously published reviews).

The State of the Me

Best sleep last night in weeks. I did not get up early enough this morning to do my walk before work… I’m going to take a walk in the afternoon instead, and try to pick that up as part of my routine tomorrow.

Plans For Today

This morning I’m noodling around with ebooks. In the afternoon I’m going to be alternating brainstorming and writing.